Welcome to State College Volleyball

State College Volleyball is a community-based recreation volleyball organization. Traditional 6s games are played on Sunday evenings at C3 Sports. The league runs from early September to the end of April.

The facility is currently not hosting leagues, so our league is on hiatus. Please check back for news regarding upcoming play.

In the midst of this pandemic of racial violence, a pandemic long present in our society but only recently garnering widespread attention, Andrew and I believe that it is crucial to emphasize our commitment to social justice, enacting anti-racist beliefs, and working toward an end to systemic racism. We recognize that silence is violence and believe it is essential to make our stance clear. SCVolley stands in support of Black lives. SCVolley values diversity in all its forms; for all people, across race, class, ethnicity, age, nationality, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, sex, gender identity, and other diversity indices. Furthermore, we believe that diversity and inclusion of all people and groups are potential sources of strength and renewal rather than division and strife.

-Kristen, Commissioner

Thank you for your interest in State College Volleyball!

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