Frequently Asked Questions

Q – How do I register?

A- Head over to Depending on the time of the season, the first line there will state whether registration is open to new teams, just new players, or closed. Here are some descriptions of roles you can choose when registering:

Captain – Team captains are responsible for paying team dues and maintaining communication for your team. You’ll be added onto an email list that receives regular updates about the starts/ends of seasons and you’ll be able to vote on rules changes.

Joining a team – Your captain is already (or will) register(ed) and you’re joining them. That’s it.

Free agent – Free agents are added to a queue and connected with teams in the order in which they’re registered, and assuming team/player needs are met. Teams asking for players specify if they need a player with a specific gender and/or position. Then we reach out to free agents and ask if they’d like their communication information shared. From there, players and teams can decide if there’s a good fit in terms of availability and level of competitiveness.

Pickup – SCVolley is piloting hosting Friday Night Pickup. We hope to be able to host pickup volleyball once a month on Friday nights at a low cost. Head over to for more information.

Q – How much does the league cost?

A – We run the league at the approximate cost of operation. That includes court rentals, equipment, and insurance. The combined cost of a season is divided by the number of registered teams and that’s what each team pays. For that reason, we don’t know what season fees are until registration closes. Typically, the league has cost about $250 for both 6s and 4s. Captains are expected to pay that and they may collect that from their teams however they best see fit.

Q – When do you play?

A – Traditional 6s plays on Sunday nights from 6:15-9:30. Reverse Co-ed 4s plays on Wednesday nights from 6:30-10:30.

Q – Do you have any COVID-19 precautions in place?

A – When we first returned to league play, we asked players to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 OR maintain wearing a mask throughout play. Today, there are no specific rules in place regarding COVID-19. While we feel it is unlikely, should community spread determine it necessary, we may invoke that again in the future.

Q – What are the different levels of play?

A – Traditional 6s has two divisions, Division 1 and 2. Division 1 is our highest level of play. Teams typically run offenses with set positions (6-2 or 5-1), and almost always attempt to bump-set-spike. Division 2 is much larger and therefore the skill level varies. Typically, teams use a front row setter and attempt to bump-set-spike.

Rev-co 4s is played at a fairly high level as well. It’s a format that allows for more player/team skill expression, so it’s challenging in different ways than 6s. Depending on the number of teams, we may move to two different divisions for Rev-co 4s.