Registration is currently closed for Spring 2023 leagues, but open for our pickup events. Check out the form below to get registered. At the bottom of this page is information about registration options. Every player in the league must complete this registration form in order to be eligible to play.

Register here (Form will open in a new page)

Registration options:

Captain – Team captains are responsible for paying team dues and maintaining communication for your team. You’ll be added onto an email list that receives regular updates about the starts/ends of seasons and you’ll be able to vote on rules changes.

Joining a team – Your captain is already (or will) register(ed) and you’re joining them. That’s it.

Free agent – Free agents are added to a queue and connected with teams in the order in which they’re registered, and assuming team/player needs are met. Teams asking for players specify if they need a player with a specific gender and/or position. Then we reach out to free agents and ask if they’d like their communication information shared. From there, players and teams can decide if there’s a good fit in terms of availability and level of competitiveness.

Pickup – SCVolley is piloting hosting Friday Night Pickup. We hope to be able to host pickup volleyball once a month on Friday nights at a low cost. Head over to for more information.