Reverse Coed 4s Rules

Reverse Coed 4s follows all standard SCVolley Rules (see Standard 6s Rules) with the following exceptions:

  • Player requirements: Minimum one woman and minimum one man needed to play, otherwise it is a forfeit.
  • Net height: Net height is standard women’s net height.
  • Back Row Attacks / Blocks β€“ If the last team contact is by a male, the player’s last court contact must be behind the 10ft line or a portion of the ball must be below the height of the net when the ball is contacted, otherwise it is a fault. (Translation: Men can only hit behind the 10 foot line. Men can only block below the net (e.g., “soft blocking”).
  • No Rotation– Players do not need to follow any rotation; teams only need to keep a consistent serving order.
  • Finger Action Over Net / Sets Over Net: No finger action / tips over the net, including redirecting on a block. If not attacking, the send over the net must be a bump, closed fist / knuckle, or a set over where the ball is pushed in a straight line (i.e., sets must travel perpendicular to the setter’s shoulders).
  • No Guy or Girl Rule: Any combination of players may contact the ball.